Drip Proof, Stainless Steel Work Surface

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Available in a choice of colors:

  • Black Rubber
  • Black HDPE
  • Steel Grey


  • Width: 700mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • Height: 30mm

‘Spill Proof’ Tray Top is designed for easy detachability to clean and provide steady base when in use by 4 cam locks on side.

  • In built, locators for repositioning tray top on exact location after detaching for cleaning.
  • Diameter 10 mm bar, hanger on both sides to fix optional, metallic oval clamps, for hanging unused wires and cables. To give clean looks and freedom to move around while at work.
  • Rounded off, rubber cushioned bumpers; are positioned on all the four corners for safety of body parts, accidently coming in contact with corners of ‘Tray Top’.


Matrix of surgical grade Stainless steel 304, Extruded steel bar and Rubber moulded parts and HDPE mouldings.


Dauze Detachable Spill Proof Work Surface/Tray top is the solution for accidental color or water spillages creating unwanted Unhygienic working area.

It comes with the ease of secure locking, 100% spill proof, surgical grade stainless steel, sterile top for easy cleaning and hygienic use.

Optional accessory of metallic oval clamps can be held on both to offer hassle free wiring and offer more space and freedom to move around while at work.


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