Articulate Reference Stand

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Available in a choice of colors:

  • Black Matte Textured Powder Coat.


  • Width: 300mm
  • Depth: 175mm
  • Height: 125mm

Ergonomically designed Articulate Reference Stand is easy to set up, by securely clamping down the C type clamp (with cushioned soft base) onto convenient surface and providing distraction free view of reference image.

  • Reference Stand can be fixed in 13.5mm horizontal hole at the end of Extended Arm of Articulate Arm and provide best view of reference image hanging from there, without interfering in tattooing process (for use with Tattoo Work Station).
  • Optional C type clamp can virtually hold on to any surface from 5mm to 50mm and provide best angle view of the reference image while tattooing.
  • Cushioned clamp of Articulate Reference Stand provides firm and safe grip to hold phone or tablets (digital reference image) other than securely holding print reference image at most convenient place.
  • For set up, clamp it on to steady base… loosen up the three Wing Nuts… hold the loose clamp end at desired place and angle…then lastly fasten all the ‘Wing-Nuts’ need to be tightened with ‘Humane’ pressure, to secure the position.

Whether you are learning or already expert ‘Professional –Tattoo Artist’, this is indispensible for you.


Matrix of Mild steel, Silver steel, Spring steel, Aluminium, Nylon 66.


Dauze Articulate Reference Stand is the best fixture for holding the reference image print/digital (phones/tablets) securely at the most convenient angle with ongoing tattoo, for maximum focus and shortest distraction free, eye path between tattoo and reference.


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