Articulate Arm Rest

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Available in a choice of colors:

  • Black Matte Textured Powder Coat


  • Width: 825mm
  • Depth: 225mm
  • Height: 150mm

This ergonomically designed Articulate Arm Rest is precisely adjustable at most convenient angle to tattoo by simple press.

  • Precise Angle Retention Mechanism helps adjust the angle of arm being tattooed hygienically even during ongoing tattoo by mere push of cushion top, without loosening or tightening any knobs.
  • 25% off set from center of cushion top provides 75% space for adjustment under the arm being tattooed.
  • Height adjustment is done by telescopic movement of extendable arm; lockable by Spring assisted Cam actuated Clutch mechanism.
  • Sleek and Sturdy 10mm mild steel Base Plate, stealthily slides under most of the tattoo furniture. Heavy Base Plate in combination with four rubber pads provides sturdy grip on ground.
  • Extension arm offset of 25% from center of base plate combined with deep undercut of 189mm facilitates sturdy support options even around legs, castors of tattoo chairs and furniture.
  • Additional advantage of mounting Articulate Reference Stand (optional accessory) by the help of Bush Type Extension (optional accessory) for holding reference, print or digital and arm being tattooed in best alignment for easy focus by shortest eye path
  • Yet another additional advantage of mounting Mini Work Station (optional accessory) by the help of Bush Type Extension (optional accessory) for holding colors, inks water glass etc. close to arm being tattooed for easy focus.
  • Indispensable for you, whether you are learning or already expert professional Tattoo Artist


Matrix of mild steel, Silver steel, spring steel, Aluminum, Nylon-66 and Leatherette.

Package Includes:

  • One Articulate Arm Rest.
  • One Allen key size 3mm + 2 Nos. 6mm Counter Sunk Bolts.


World’s first ‘Articulate Arm Rest’ with ‘No Frills’ Precision Angle Retention Mechanism.

Dauze Articulate Arm Rest AAR-101, is an ergonomical revolutionary designed solution for precise arm angle and height set up with minimum effort.

This hassle free (no turning , twisting of knobs) arm rest also provides the additional advantage of the perfect alignment of reference print or digital with the arm being tattooed for easier focus by shortest eye path.


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Package Includes:

  • One pc articulate arm rest
  • One pc articulate reference stand
  • One pc bush type extension



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